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Tip: Do Face Pulls Before You Bench Press

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One of the most simple and effective exercises you can do for the upper back are face pulls & face pull variations.

These are great to improve upper back mobility and strength.

The main muscles involved are the traps, rear delts, rotator cuffs and the smaller muscles of the mid-back. On top of being a great exercise for building muscle in general, face pulls are also incredibly effective for improving posture, shoulder health and preventing injuries

Use Face Pulls before bench pressing and low bar squatting.

Face Pulls can be done with a simple stretch band.  You don’t need a lot of resistance on these, keep it light and do lots of reps (and not often do I recommend you do lots of reps).

If you are looking for a great band to throw in your gym bag check out the mini bands here

For under $10 this is an investment in your training and shoulder health.


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Give this exercise a try, it will keep your shoulder healthy, improve posture and is a simple and effective warm up drill.

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