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I Want To Tone Should I Do High Reps With Light Weights?

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The other day in our Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club one of our members asked about doing high reps on arms to increase muscle “tone”.

Women love the word/phrase “Tone” or “Toned Up”.  As soon as you say build muscle they get afraid, but say the T word and most women want this.

First of all “Tone” is going to come down to a few simple things.

  1. Having Less Body Fat
  2. Having More Visible Muscle

Most women want to “Tone” but if you want to improve tone you simply need to have less body fat (be leaner) and or improve the amount of muscle that you have.

That is it.

The myth that “high reps tone your muscles” has to stop.

Doing higher reps with lighter weights will not “tone” your muscles.

If you want to improve your tone you need to lose some fat and build some muscle.

The most effective way to do this training wise is to have a sold base of strength training and lifting heavy weights and a sound nutrition program to help you with fat loss.

Doing 20+ reps with a light dumbell will NOT improve the tone of your muscles.

If you want nicer arms you are better off focusing on basic compound movements like squats and deadlifts and build in upper body strength exercises like pull ups and rows.  Isolation exercises like curls and push downs work at times but they should not be the priority of your training.

Focus on getting stronger, building muscle.  If your goal is fat loss nutrition is the most important factory along with good training.

“Toning” your muscles will take care of themselves if you focus on getting stronger, building muscle and following a good nutrition plan.

Doing high reps won’t help you “tone”.

Here are a few transformations of ladies that we coach that have focused on lifting heavy weights.

If you want more information about lifting weights and becoming one of our transformations you can contact us HERE.

After coaching THOUSANDS of women I can speak from experience.

You will get much better response from lifting heavy weights than doing lots of reps with low weight.

I am not speaking from my one friend who has nice arms, I am talking about the thousands of women I have coached over the years.

While light weights CAN have their place, most women need to change their mind set.

Stop doing so many damn light weight reps, get stronger, and you WILL get better results.

This I can tell you from experience and lots of it.

Instead of doing lots of reps with low weight make lifting heavier weights and strength your focus not doing lots of reps.

Coach Rob

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