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3 Benefits Of Low Bar Squats For Women

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3 Benefits Of Low Bar Squats For Women


Squats are one of the best lower body and full body exercises when done properly.

A lot of women have a natural tendency to get under the bar, lay the bar on the back of the neck or the traps and get ready to squat.  This squat is what’s know as “high bar” squats.

While high bar squats are great and have many benefits, a low bar squat is a great squat that more women should learn and practice.



A couple of videos of some of my athletes doing low bar squats.


Rebecca with a smooth 280 pound Squat PR! #Womenwholiftweights, #Squats, #girlswhosquat

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Michelle with some nice low bar squats today. Breaking in her new squat shoes #HW, #Squats, #girlswhosquat

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When it comes to low bar squatting here are 3 benefits :

  1. You will be able to lift more weight.

Because of the placement of the bar lower on your back this will make a huge difference in strength.  The bar generally will be at the widest part of your back resting on the “wedge” of your scapula.  As well as you squat the bar is closer to the power source which is your center of gravity (the hips) whereas with high bar  the weight is more towards the quads and the front of the knee.


2. It is generally easier on the lower back.

Because the bar is lower on the back and where high bar has a tendancy to push your upper body forward, when using low bar it can be much easier on the back.  For my own training I find low bar squats much easier on my back injury (I have 3 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc), I have also seen this work very well for a lot of clients with and without back issues


3. It will help strengthen your whole body, not just your legs.

While most women think of squats as a lower body and quad dominant exercise, by switching to lower bar you will target more the hips and upper back.  To isolate your quads more high bar is a great option but for overall strength and building muscle all over low bar is a great option.

Give low bar squats a try they are a great exercise.

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