Date: July 5, 2023 | Author: Lisa Kitagawa

Squat Mobility – Thoracic Spine Focused

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Here’s a couple movements to try to help improve your squat depth mobility!

– Get into a deep squat position
– Let knees come far over the toes and actively drive the hips open
– Cup hands behind head
– Flex (round the spine) and then extend the spine and hold for 3 seconds
– This completes one rep

– In a deep squat with torso fairly upright
– Keep knees and hips open (can use elbows to assist and press against knees) with hands planted on the ground
– With one arm, reach up to the ceiling and hold for a count of 3 seconds, then you’ll come down and do the same thing on the other side
– Be sure to look at hand as you reach
– Left + Right = 1 rep

💥Start with 2-3 rounds of 5 reps!

⚡️I like to use this combo as a warmup base for my squat days!⚡️