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3 Benefits Of The Overhead Press For Women

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3 Benefits Of The Overhead Press For Women

Yesterday in my classes one of the exercises we practiced was the overhead press (or the OH Press as I call it).

Putting weight overhead is a simple and effective strength exercise There is something simple and powerful about being able to put a weight over your head.

I consider the OH Press to be right up there with the deadlift for how empowering it feels once you do it.


Here are 3 Benefits Of Overhead Pressing for Women


1. It’s A Great Full Body Exercise

Even though the oh press is a primary upper body exercise when done properly it is a full body exercise. It can be a lower body and core exercise when you use a push press or jerk variation.


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2. It’s Great For Boosting Your Metabolism

A lot of people don’t know that putting weight is great for fat loss. It will drive up your heart rate and give your metabolism a boost.

Try a set of fast over head presses and watch how fast your heart rate goes up.


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3. It’s Empowering

Like I said in the intro putting weight overhead is a very empowering feeling. Taking a weight off the ground and putting it over head seems simple, but when done properly it’s very technical.

The feeling of putting a heavy weight over your head is very empowering and will make you feel amazing.

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