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11 Beginner Bench Press Tips For Women

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It was a great night bench pressing with some of our HW strong women.

When it comes to the bench press for women technique is everything.

Here are a few things we worked on tonight.

– Having a good start position.  Have your eyes under the bar when you lift off the bar or get a lift off.

– Make sure your hands are even.  Then find a grip width that is comfortable for you.

– Pull the shoulders back and down and try to keep them there.

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– Take a big breath into your chest and hold it.  When the bar is moving you are not breathing.

– Take your time.  Don’t rush your set up or your lift.

–  Make sure you have a tight grip.  Squeeze the bar hard and focus on gripping hard with your pinky finger and ring finger.

– Get your feet set.  You want a solid base and strong posts when benching.

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– Be patient with the lift.  When things get hard don’t panic or break form.  Stay tight and be patient.

– Drive your chest up high.  This is called “arching”.  Try to drive your chest up high.  This protects the shoulders and reduces the distance the bar has to go.

– Make small weight increases.  For women the bench press gets heavy fast.  You might make 100 pounds pretty easy then 105 can get stuck on the chest.  When possible take very small jumps and always respect the weight.

– Practice your technique.  Don’t worry about how much you lift at first, focus on dialing in technique and form first.