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5 Bench Press Tips For Women

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The Bench Press is a very technical lift and a lot of women struggle to get strong on this exercise.

Here are 5 tips to help.

1. Focus On Technique

It’s very important to learn proper technique when bench pressing.  Women can not muscle through a bench press.  Technique and practice are priority #1.

2. Use Your Whole Body

The bench press is an upper body exercise, but when done properly you want to use your entire body.  Learn to engage your lats, your legs, your hips and get everything into your bench press not just your upper body.

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3. Learn Full Body Tension

Learn to “Get Tight”.  PowerLifters focus a lot of their training on creating full body tension. The more tension you can create the stronger you will be.

When it comes to creating tension think about turning your body to stone and active every muscle in your body.

4. Practice Arching

Now before we get to arching lets be clear.  This is not damaging to your spine or lower back.  However unless you have the proper mobility and flexibility to do this it’s not recommended.  Being taught how to arch correctly is important.

The reason for the arch is to reduce the distance the bar has to travel.  The shorter the distance the better.

The arch can work well once you know how to do it properly.  However it is a advanced progression and not meant for everyone.


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5. Get Your Breath

Here is a simple rule if the bar is moving your are not breathing.  Take a big breath into your chest at the start of your rep.  Hold it and keep it.  Do not lose your air.

It’s normal for a lot of people to want to breath in on the way down, do not do this.  Take your breath before the lift and hold it during the whole lift and then re-breathe at the top.

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