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The Sumo Deadlift Start Position

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A good lift starts with a good set up.

The sumo deadlift is all about technique and set up.

You can’t muscle a sumo deadlift.

As well most lockout issues on sumo are fixed with a better set up or start position.

Here are some simple tips to improve your Sumo Deadlift Start Position.


Set Your Feet

Hands inside the knees

Arms straight down from the shoulders

Knees in line with toes

Chest high

Ribs locked down

Hips back and high

Eyes on the horizon

Vertical shins

Neutral Spine (doesn’t have to be perfectly neutral for some people)

Tight Grip

Shoulders packed down and back

Patience with the set up

Hips back and high like a bow & arrow


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It’s very important with the sumo deadlift to take your time, dial in your set up, don’t rush and make your technique perfect.

This all starts with your set up.

Always remember you can’t muscle a Sumo Deadlift.

Technique is always first.


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Stay Strong.
Coach Rob