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WWLW Athlete Spotlight – Kayla Bixby

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Today I posted a pic of one of my female athletes results before and after on social media and it exploded.

I thought I would start doing a spotlight on some the amazing female athletes that I coach and share some of their background, results, competitions and more.

Meet Kayla Bixby.

Kayla getting #STRONG. 275 pound deadlift pr at 125 lb body weight! @bixby86 #womenwholiftweights , #deadlift , #Heavyweights

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Kayla’s Results. While I made a rant about someone saying because I am not a science guy I know nothing about coaching/training meet Kayla Bixby Kayla is a fit strong woman that I started coaching a few months ago. She was in great shape before I started coaching her but recently we have taken her training and results to another level. Kayla is about 125 lbs and a competitive Power Lifter. She recently competed and hit some BIG numbers. She does my strength camp class (athleticism + strength) and my Elite Class (Power Lifting & Strength focus). This is what lifting heavy and athletic does for a woman. It makes them look AWESOME and feel amazing. My goal is to get my female athletes strong and athletic. The rest takes care of itself :). Great job Kayla I am proud to be your coach and you have done amazing. @bixby86

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Kayla trains with me at my gym and she does my Elite Power Lifting class and also my Strength Camp class.  She has been a HW member for a while now and  a few months I became her coach.

Her training is focused primarily on Power Lifting style training and about 2-3 times a week where do lots of heavy basics like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups and weighted carries.  Kayla also does my strength camp class were we do a mix of strength, athleticism, conditioning and more.

A few months ago Kayla stepped on the Power Lifting platform for the second time and had an amazing day.

Her numbers were a 210 lb squat, 105 lb bench, 265 lb deadlift at a body weight of 125 lbs.


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It’s pretty clear that lifting heavy weights does not make a women big or bulky, it actually does the exact opposite.

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I am very proud of the athletes that I coach.

Always remember the goals in training should be get stronger, become more athletic, move better, repeat.

There are no shortcuts to results but you also don’t have to over complicate things.

You can’t ever go wrong with being stronger.

Great job Kayla.


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