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Tip : Do Flex Grip Holds For A Stronger Pull Up

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The top grip hold is very similar to the bottom grip hold, except that your arms are bent at 90% or more and your chin is above the bar. This will recruit your bicep and upper arm muscles a lot more than the bottom grip hold.

A key to success in this is not just to hold on, but to focus on driving the ELBOWS to your side. This will keep tension on the lats, which is critical in getting stronger on pull-ups and chin-ups.

As well, keeping your feet in front of you, the way I do it, will require your lower core to work very hard. The core is a big factor in proper pull-ups so don’t cross your legs behind you. This reduces core activity.

Your goal is to hold a top grip flex hold for 30 seconds.

Then your secondary goal is to hold for 60 seconds.

Doing this will be a big step towards you doing a pull up.

For more information on how to get stronger on a pull up/chin up check out my 6 Steps To Unassisted Pull Ups blog post.

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