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Tip : Finish Your Workouts With A Weighted Carry

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Finish every workout with a weighted carry variation.

Adding a weighted carry variation every day has numerous benefits for strength, posture, improving grip, mental toughness, fat loss and reducing injuries and more.

Bottom line is that weighted carries do the body (and mind) good.  We are built to pick up things and carry them.

Weighted carries are something you can add in to your traning to help overall strength and improve injuries and help reduce chances of getting injured.

As well a lot of women complain of a weak grip and this is a simple fix for a weak grip.

It’s very simple, at the end of every workout you will pick one weighted carry variation and use this as a finisher for your workout.

Here are some variations you can use :

– Farmers Walk

– Double Dumbell Carry

– Double Kettlebell Carry

– Single Arm Dumbell Carry (DB Suitcase Carry)

– Single Arm Kettlebell Carry (KB Suitcase Carry)

– Double Kettlebell Rack Carry

– Single Arm Overhead KB Carry

– Overhead Bar Carry

– Plate Pinch Carry


3 Reaons Women Should Do Heavy Carries When I coach you and you come through the doors of HeavyWeights you are not allowed to use workout gloves. One of the most important things you can do is improve your grip and get your hands a bit tougher. Farners Walks & Weighted Carries are perfect for this. Here are 3 benefits of Weighted Carries For Women. 1. Improved Grip Strength. All women can benefit from a stronger grip. A stronger grip improves everything in the gym and in life. 2. Fully Body Strength. Picking up a heavy object and walking with it is a primative strength movement. By getting stroger with this your whole body gets stronger. 3. Improved Mental Strength. Heavy weighted carries will improve your mental focus and as well improve your confidence. Picking up something heavy and carrying it is very empowering physically and mentally. #HeavyWeights, #Strong, #girlswholift

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Laura getting STRONG. KB carry with more than her bodyweight!

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Rebecca & Kerri getting stronger! Heavy Trap Bar carries after a kick ass pyramid of trap bars & sleds.

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The variation of carries and carry challenges are endless.

Pick a carry a day and finish your workout with a weighted carry every day.


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