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How To Properly Use Your Feet When You Deadlift? (Video)

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This is for some people not the most important topic BUT this can be a game changer in your lifting, reducing and preventing injuries and more.

If you want a stronger and safer deadlift don’t neglect the importance of your feet and how to use them properly when you deadllift.

Watch this video where Coach Rob explains how to use your feet for a stronger and safer deadlift


Most people focus on bracing, getting tight, set up, hip positioning and more. All of these things are important in a deadlift, but remember that your feet are the contact point for the ground and are essentially the transfer point for your body generating power into the floor.

I recommend trying to have what is known as an “active foot”. Turn your toes into suction cups. Use your toes and grip the floor. Think of your feet like hands, put them to use. Grip the floor and create a stable arch before you deadlift.

As well when you lift be sure to focus on spreading the floor or pushing the earth apart. I recommend this on sumo and conventional, but the force on spreading the floor is higher with a sumo pull. This will increase tension from the feet, through the legs and up to the hips and glutes (the posterior chain aka the power muscles for deadlifting).

The next time you deadlift take a few minutes and play with your feet and toes and find a good strong starting position where your feet feel active and stable, then start your lifting.

What should you wear on your feet when you deadlift?

I wrote another article on that, you can read it HERE

Keeping things simple I recommend that you deadlift barefoot when possible.  If you are using shoes I really love using Sabo Deadlift Shoes or Wrestling Boots.  I have had my wrestling shoes for over 10 years now.  They are an investment.

Why Sabos or wrestling shoes? They have a very low sole and solid grip. 

Some people like using Chuck Taylors.  While I think these are good starting shoes I am not a big fan of the thick sole.  The closer to the ground I can get and the more my feet can get in contact with the floor the better.

Give it a try and let me know if it helps you.

Coach Rob


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