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What Is The Differences Between Sumo vs. Conventional Deadlifts? (Video)

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What Is The Differences Between Sumo vs. Conventional Deadlifts?

This video is a basic and simple explanation of the differences in sumo deadllifts vs conventional deadlifts.


Conventional Deadlifts
– Your hands are outside your knees
– Your feet are about shoulder width apart
– Your toes are pointed straight or slightly out


Example Of A Conventional Deadlift


Sumo Deadlifts
– Your hands are inside your knees
– Your feet are wider than shoulder width
– Your toes are pointed out


Example Of A Sumo Deadlift


Which way should you deadlift?

This is a tricky question that relies on many factors.

1. Generally one stance will feel more “normal” than the other. For example for me sumo always felt natural.

2 . Your lift will depend on many factors such as hip anatomy, levers, mobility, injuries and much more

3. One will feel “better” but it’s important to train both styles.

4. Conventional is generally a little harder on the lower back, where as sumo is much more lower back friendly.

5. Sumo is generally harder on the hips/inner thighs and conventional is much more hip friendly.


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