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Tip : If You Don’t Have A Spotter On Bench Press Be Sure To NOT Use Collars or Clips (Video)

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A common question I see on our Women Who Lift Weights Facebook Page and this was also asked recently in our Women’s Strength Club Group which is how can you bench press safely without a training partner or spotters?

First things first safety should always be your #1 priority.  I can’t stress enough the importance of safety when bench pressing.  Even though you don’t use as much weight when bench pressing compared to squats, not getting a bench press can be a bad situation if you miss a rep or get stuck.  Always try to have training partners and safeties.

However IF you don’t have a spotter or training partner one thing you can do to improve safety is to not use collars or clips on the end of your bar.

If you get stuck at the bottom and you can’t get a rep you simply just have to dump the bar side to side to get the plates off the sides.  If you have the collars on the end then you have to roll the bar down your body.  Not a pleasant experience let me tell you.

A simple fix is to not use collars.

Remember the goal is always safety first, but if you get stuck on bench not having collars on the sides can save you a lot of trouble and a potential health risk.

When flying solo on heavy bench press ditch the collars or clips.

Coach Rob


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