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Tip: Start Your Weight Training Workouts With An Explosive Exercise

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Here is a simple tip to improve your strength training and athletic performance.

Start your workout or your set with a full body explosive exercise.

Some great exercises you can do are box jumps, short sprints, wall balls, dumbell snatches etc.

The goal of the explosive exercise is to increase power and speed strength. 

The goal is not to get tired, this is very important.

There are a few ways you can do this but here are my favorite two ways.

1. Do your explosive work after your general warm up.  For example you could do a 5-10 minute light body weight warm up them do your explosive exercise(s) before your strength training portion begins.


2. Do a explosive exercise about 1 minute before your primary strength exercise.  For example lets say you are doing squats.  You could do 5 reps of box jumps then rest 1 minute and perform your set of squats.


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Remember the goal is to be fast, strong and explosive, not tired.  The goal of training is to improve not just get tired.

Add an explosive exercise into your strength training to improve your results.

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