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3 Beginner Box Jump Tips For Women (Video)

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Beginner Box Jump Tips For Women

I post a lot of videos of my female athletes and the amazing jumps they do. However most women are very fearful of box jumps.

Box jumps are one of those exercises that are difficult at first and very much as much mental as they are physical.

But once you get the technique down and start building confidence it usually becomes a favorite exercise.

Every day at the end of my class I ask my athletes what their favorite part of the workout was.

If they are not good at jumps or fearful of jumps they never say box jumps, but once they improve confidence and technique then they love box jumps.

When it comes to box jumps I use a very simple 3 step progression for women who are new to box jumps.


Here is my Beginner Box Jump 3 Step Progression.


1. Learn to Relax

I can’t stress enough the importance of learning to relax when jumping.  If you are stiff and tight a lot of things go wrong.  It’s very important to learn to relax.  If you are making fists with your hands and are stiff as a board this is not good for jumping.  Its great for deadlifts, but not for doing jumps.  Try to relax.


2. Learn To Land Before You Jump

Before you learn to jump, you need to learn how to land.  A good box jump starts with the landing, not the jumping. Most women don’t land properly.  To practice the landing the easiest way to do this is to learn how to step off the box and land.  Pracice landing softly and absorbing your weight with your legs. The goal is to be soft and absorb.  Don’t land hard.  Once you have a landing base down we are ready to start jumping.

It’s important to learn how to land and also to build a strength base before you jump.  If you are not strong enough to handle the landing you will have problems. Before you jump I think it’s important to have a solid foundation of strength and mobility.  I do a lot of trap bar deadlifts, barbell deadlifts, goblet squats and more with my athletes.  You need to be able to absorb the landing and also have your legs and hips move correctly.  Be sure that before you jump you have a good foundation of strength from lifting weights.  This is very important.


3. Practice With a Low Box & Be Patient

Most women  are embarrassed to jump to a single step height box.  Or they feel they are not progressing fast enough and get frustrated

Like lifting weights learning patience is very important for your technique, strength and safety.   I can’t stress enough the importance of perfect form and technique.  This has to start from the very first jump all the way to your last jump.  I would sooner see women jump perfect for a 6″ box than jump incorrectly on a 12″ box.

Practice with perfect form and technique and be patient. 

My goal coaching my female athletes is not miss a jump (same as not missing a lift).


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A few other notes on box jumps. 

  • Safety first – Don’t worry about how high you jump, practice with good height.  The height doesn’t matter as much as the technique.
  • Land soft and step down  – Don’t jump up and then jump down.
  • When possible use soft boxes.  I hate wooden and metal boxes.  One mistake even for a good jumper and you are injured and hurt.

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Coach Rob