Date: July 4, 2017 | Author: admin

Tip: The Knees CAN Go Past The Toes In A Squat

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I am sure you have heard the “knees shouldn’t go past the toes” saying.

Well it’s not true.

I just shared an image with a great demonstration of squat tips and it said this.

The knees for SOME people depending on their squat can go past the toes…and it’s fine.

If you look at a lot of powerlifters who have to go below parallel the knees will almost always come past the toes. This is fine.

If you are squatting to parallel only and the goal is working your hip hinge and the focus is on glutes and hamstrings then yes the knees do not come forward.


There are many ways to squat. There are many reasons to squat.

The knees CAN go past the toes depending on your squat type and why you are squatting.

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Coach Rob


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