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Tip : Squeeze These Two Fingers When You Bench Press (Video)

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Most women when they bench press struggle to lift much weight.

While women lack the upper body size and strength of men with the right training and technique women can still get very strong on bench press.  Have any doubts?  Check out THIS video of a woman benching 320 lbs at a body weight of 140 lbs.

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If you want a stronger bench press you need to work on your strength and your technique.

Here is a simple technique that will increase your bench press almost instantly.

Squeeze the barbell with your pinky finger and ring finger as hard as you can. 

Think about “Breaking The Bar” with your hands.  This will create tension throughout your hands, forearms, upper arms and right through to your shoulders and upper back.

The more tension you can create the stronger you will be.

Grip the bar  as tight as possible (white knuckle grip), and focus on squeezing your pinky finger and ring finger.



Bench Press Tip – Focus on squeezing these two fingers when you bench press.

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Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

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