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11 Simple & Quick Deadlift Tips For Beginners

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I love deadlifts.

I love doing them.

I love coaching them.

Did I mention I love deadlifts?

When it comes to lifting I like to keep things simple and effective.

Here are 11 simple tips for stronger deadlift.

1. Focus – Bring your mind to the lift in front of you.

2. Respect The Weight – If you don’t respect the weight sooner or later it will teach you a lesson.

3. Get Your Stance – Sumo or Conventional.  Train both but find one that works for you.



4. Set Up – Don’t rush your set up.  A good lift starts with a good set up.

5. Tension – Learn to lock everything tight as possible. “Get Tight”.


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6. Grip – Grip the bar as tight as possible.

7. Brace – Lock your core like someone is going to punch you in the stomach.

8. Hold Your Breath – If the bar is moving you are not breathing.

9. Push The Ground Away – Don’t pick up the weight, push the ground away from you.

10. Hump The Bar – Once the bar passes your knees squeeze your glutes and use your hips.

11. Own The Lockout – Make sure to finish the lift, chest up, shoulders back, legs locked and head held high with confidence.

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Stay Strong.
Coach Rob

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