3 Stretch Band Shoulder Saving Exercises

One of the simplest and most effective things you can do before your upper body workouts is add in some stretch band shoulder saving exercises.

Spending 5-10 minutes before your workouts can improve your mobility, increase your strength and reduce your chance of injury (this is very important trust me).

A few months ago I was really focusing on improving my bench and I was benching a lot. I neglected to do as much or more pulling exercises in my training and I also slacked off on my scap push ups, face pulls and band work.


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Don’t make this mistake, don’t get hurt and don’t neglect these exercises before you train.

Be sure to do 5-10 minutes of band work and proper warming up before your workouts can make a big difference in your training and results.

Keep those shoulders healthy in the long run for better training and life.

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Coach Rob