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3 Common Mistakes Women Make When Lifting Weights

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I have coached thousands of women in my years coaching.  I have coached women who have never lifted a weight before all the way up to World Champion PowerLifters and Bikini and Fitness Pros.

No matter your fitness and strength level women tend to make some common mistakes when it comes to strength and lifting weights.

I guarantee more than likely you are making one of these mistakes.

Here Are 3 Common Mistakes Women Make When Lifting Weights.


1. Women Don’t Rest Long Enough. 

It’s important when lifting heavy weights and trying to get stronger to not try to do too much (women are notorious for this).  Women mostly like to get tired and feel worked more so than make progress.  I have to time my female athletes often to make sure they recover enough.

Remember you want to chase progress, not fatigue. 

Anyone can make you tired, not everyone can make you better.


2.  Women Want To Do Too Much At The Same Time

Instead of resting in between heavy sets a lot of women feel the need to do other things.  Planks, glute bridges, squats.  While these are great exercises if and when you are training heavy it’s important to do one thing and one thing only.  REST.  Don’t try to do 3 things at once.  If you are deadlifting focus on deadlifts.  If you are squatting then squat. 

Lifting heavy weights is not about doing a circuit, it’s about lifting and practicing your technique and you need all your energy for that.

Most women get bored and feel they are wasting time if they aren’t always doing something in training. Training is about progress and results and not just doing more stuff.

Sometimes less is more.  When focusing on strength make strength the priority and understand and value the importance of rest and rest time.



3.  Women Are Afraid To Lift Heavy Most Times

Almost every single workout for strength I have to get my female athletes to add weight to the bar.  As in I literally add the plates myself.  Most women are afraid to add weight.  Too many women would rather do multiple sets of the same weight instead of adding a bit of weight.

Women are very fearful (at first) to go heavier and lift heavy weights.  For the most part stop doing so many reps and try to focus on getting stronger.

This is important for many reasons but lets look at one.

Let’s say you squat 95 lbs for 5 sets of 10 reps.

That means you did 50 reps @ 95 lbs for a total work load of ==> 4,750 pounds. 

Now lets say you increased that weight and added another 5 lbs per side.

You would do 50 reps at 105 lbs for a total work load of ==> 5,250 pounds

That extra 5 lbs per side adds up!

Remember you don’t have to add huge increases in weight, small and steady progress is the name of the game when it comes to strength for women.

Coach Rob

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