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How To Do A Dumbbell Snatch

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How To Do A Dumbbell Snatch

I love the dumbell snatch. It’s a great full body exercise. It will improve explosive power, coordination, conditioning and is a great fat loss exercise.

There are a few ways to do this exercise but here is how I coach and teach it.

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Learn to hinge. I recommend starting in a hinge position from a hang or from the floor. Load up the hips/hamstrings. This is the power source, not the upper body.

From a hinge position with your feet shoulder width apart you want to fire your hips and jump. As you jump you want to fire the dumbell up high and close to your body.

You should land in a dumbell overhead squat position with your arm locked and your shoulder packed down. As you land learn to create full body tension.

Once you land in an overhead squat position lock your legs and stand tall and finish the exercise.

When you lower be sure to twist and have your thumb and hand face you. This makes the lowering of the lift easier on the shoulder.

Train both sides and make sure you are jumping.

Try to maintain explosiveness and keep your technique the whole time. It’s a hard exercise so try to not let form break down.

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Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob

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