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Don’t Make This Mistake When Following A Training Program

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Something I see a lot with women I coach is the need to make things more difficult than they need to be.

I mean this in a nice way, but women seem to want to complicate things.

I don’t know if it’s a female thing, or a multi-tasking thing but women  want to do too many things at once.

When it comes to training and results doing more is often not helping, it’s just making things more difficult.  Then difficulty leads to frustration.  Frustration kicks in and you want to give up or you lose focus on the goal.

The reason I say this is because one of our Strength Club members said she was doing our 6 Week Deadlift Program and decided to add in our 6 Week Pull Up Program.

That is taking two programs and combining them together.

You know what happens then?  You over train, you do too much work, you don’t finish the program you started.

Pick ONE goal.

Follow ONE program.

Do your best to finish it.

THEN pick another goal, follow another program and repeat.

I got this from one of my coaches Dan John.

– Plan The Hunt

– Hunt

– Discuss The Hunt

In training do this.

Pick a goal, follow a program, find what worked and what didn’t.

Be precise with your goals.  You need a target in order to hit it.

Stay Strong.

Coach Rob

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