Date: April 17, 2017 | Author: admin

5 Tips For Kettlebell Single Leg RDL’s

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As much as I love the barbell kettlebells are a great tool for training to build muscle, strength and improve performance.

Along with swings, goblet squats and many other exercises I have a new found love and respect for single leg KB RDL’s.

5 Tips For Kettlebell Single Leg RDL’s

1. Use a hip hinge, don’t bend through your lower back.  Learning to properly hinge is a life saver for your lower back and will improve your strength dramatically.  A proper hip hinge is a game changer for strength.  Learning the single leg hip hinge is even more challenging but very important for training, progress and reducing injuries or rehabbing them.

2. Try to keep your lower back neutral. Think there are two shot glasses on your lower back. Don’t tip them.  If you rotate through your lower back your hamstrings and hips don’t get the work they should.  It’s like cheating.  So be sure to keep that lower back neutral and push those hips back for a proper hinge.

3. Don’t lock your knees. Keep what’s known as “soft knees”.  This is important to keep your knees safe and to engage the hamstrings properly through the hip hinge.

4. Keep your core tight.  This is important for keeping your lower back strong and safe.  Core stiffness or core tension is always important for strength and reducing chance of injury. 

5. Train your weaker side first.  We always want to train our strong side.  Be sure to train your weak side first and strive for balance.

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Add these into your training to keep your body balanced and strong.  These have done wonders for my hips and single leg work is always good.

Give these tips a try and let me know how you find them.

Coach Rob