Date: July 24, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

5 Health Benefits For Women That Lift Weights

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Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional.

If you want a better quality of life and take on aging be sure to make Strength Training and Lifting Weights a priority.

When women start to lift weights they start noticing huge changes in their bodies.

A lot of women start lifting weights to get visual changes in their body.  They may want to lose fat, improve tone, maybe build glutes, get abs and more.

And while lifting weights has numerous aesthetic benefits for women, a big benefit that not many people talk about are the age related benefits of lifting weights for women.


Here Are 5 Age Related Benefits Of Women Lifting Weights


1. Prevent And Reduce Arthritis and Osteoporosis

For the most part female bone density reaches it’s peak at age 30 and slowly declines from there over time.  Most bone density is developed as youth and young adults.  If you were active as a child and youth, this will help for sure as you age.  If you weren’t, you really want to maintain the bone density you do have.

It is estimated that up to 10 million people in the USA suffer from weakened bones and  “Osteoporosis”, and 80% of those are women.  Strength training has been shown to help slow the natural deterioration that occurs in bone density as you age.

Strength training and lifting weights will help improve bone density at any age.




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2. Prevent and Improve Loss Of Muscle Mass

Loss of muscle mass is also known as Sarcopenia. Muscle mass and strength are important for numerous reasons.  As we age the daily chores and activities we do become harder and harder.

Think of the simple things you do in a day or a week.  Going to the grocery store, picking up and carrying your groceries.  Playing with your kids or grand kids.  Going for a walk or a hike.  Doing chores and things around the house.  All these activities require muscle mass and strength.

When you lose muscle mass and strength your body and health suffers as does your quality of life.  Keeping muscle and staying strong as we age is very important.


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3. Strength Training & Lifting Weights Can Lead To A Healthier Heart

Most people think that “cardio” plays a bigger role in heart health but lets not neglect the impact and importance of lifting weights and the impact this has on your heart.

Lifting weights can help lower blood pressure and also improve HDL (aka good Cholesterol).

Most women have a tendency to do too much cardio and not enough strength training.  Be sure to do a mixture of both, but don’t neglect strength training.



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4. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases that impacts a lot of women, regardless of their age.  Diabetes can get worse and become a bigger issue as you age.

While there are many factors that impact and contribute to diabetes strength training can have a positive impact on this and help reduce your risk of getting and help reduce the impact on your health if you already have it.

Lifting weights and strength training can improve glucose tolerance, increased insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation, and improved lipid profile



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5. Improved Mental Health & Reduction of Stress

While lifting weights has countless benefits for women, one that is often over looked is the mental health aspects of lifting weights.

We live in a fast paced fairly stressful world.  Stress is the “silent killer” for men, but let’s not neglect the negative impact on stress on women’s mental health and the impact this can also have on physical health.  Stress reduction and coping mechanisms are necessary to help keep our minds focused and our bodies functioning.

If you look at women who lift weights they will report such benefits as lower stress, improved mood, improved focus, reduction in anxiety, improve feelings of confidence and empowerment and much more.


Most women starting lifting for the physical benefits of strength training.  It’s obvious that the benefits of strength training and lifting weights for women are numerous.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, the best time to lift weights and get stronger is right now.


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