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3 Core/Ab Training Mistakes Most Women Make

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Every single woman that I train for the most part mentions two areas they want to improve.

Those two areas are core/abs and glutes.

When it comes to training core far too often women end up doing too much of the wrong exercises in their training.

They put the work in, but sadly it’s not how hard you work that matters, it’s doing the right things followed by hard work that gets results.

Here Are 3 Ab/Core Mistakes Women Make:

1. Women Do Way Too Many Reps

How many reps do you do when training your core?

Maybe 50?

Do you think doing high reps is the best way to get results in training your core.

It won’t.

I read all the magazines that told me to do high reps for abs. I did countless sit ups in my martial arts classes.

I bet you may have made this mistake as well.

Doing high rep abs is not the answer to anything.

Do you do 50 reps on barbell squats?

How about bench press?

When was the last time you did 50 reps for deadlifts?

So why would you do crazy high reps for abs?


Stop doing so many reps when doing abs.

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2. Stop Doing Sit Ups & Crunches

I was guilty of this for years as well.

I would do countless sit ups and crunches trying to get a stronger core and even thinking that doing sit ups was going to improve my visible abs.

I did sit ups and crunches every workout, every day.

Now I don’t do them at ALL.

As well rarely if ever do my female athletes do them regularly.


You don’t need to do sit ups and crunches for a stronger core.

Not only are crunches and sit ups not that great they may even end up increasing your chances of hurting your lower back.

While I think sit ups and crunches are ok in small to low moderation I don’t think they should be the backbone of your core training.

Once in a while is ok, but not countless sit ups and crunches.

There are better exercises choices than sit ups and crunches so for the most part ditch them.

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3. Minimize Twisting Exercises

This was another mistake I made in my training years ago.

I would do countless twisting exercises.

Crunches with a twist,

Sit ups with a twist.

I even remember one day doing Roman Chair Sit Ups with a 25 lb weight.

I sure felt that in my core.

Unfortunately I also felt it in my lower back and spent 3 days in bed unable to move.

With my lower back issues this was the WORST thing I could do for my back.

As well even IF you don’t have a lower back issue you are better of minimizing excessive twisting motion exercises.

You know that machine in the gym that you sit in and twist.

Don’t ever do that again.

Instead of doing twisting exercises do exercises like paloff holds and paloff presses and side planks.

IF you are going to do exercises like Russian Twists just make sure you make small twisting motions, the lower back and core shouldn’t have a big range of motion. Leave ROM to the hips and shoulders, keep the core and lower back strong and stable.

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Train hard but train smart.

I hope this helped you, if it did please let me know.

Stay Strong.
Coach Rob

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