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3 Benefits Of Paused Squats

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3 Benefits Of Paused Squats

Tonight in my Strength Camp class at Heavy Weights Training Center we focused on Pause Squats.

Pause squats are just like a normal squat except you pause at the bottom from anywhere from 1-5 seconds.

This makes squatting much harder.

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Here Are 3 Benefits of Pause Squats:

1. It will teach you to keep your tension and your brace at the bottom of a squat. If you lose your tension at the bottom of a squat you will lose the lift. This will help teach you tension.

2. It will work your core hard. You breath at the top of a squat and hold it during the squat. At the bottom of a pause squat your core has to work very hard to keep tension at the bottom. Be sure to keep your air and keep your tension.

3. Removing the bounce out of the bottom of the squat (stretch reflex) causes you to work hard driving out of the bottom. This will teach you to stick with the rep when you reach the mid range of the squat which is a common sticking point.

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Paused squats are a great addition to your training and to help improve your squat strength.

Give them a try and let me know how you find these tips.

Stay Strong.
Coach Rob

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