Date: March 19, 2017 | Author: admin

3 Benefits Of Having A “3 Point Spot”

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3 Benefits Of A 3 Point Spot

If you are going to go heavy you want to make your lift but you also need to make sure you are safe.

There is where a 3 point spot comes into play.

With a 3 point spot you have one spotter behind you (main spotter) and one person per side.  This way if anything goes wrong you will have a team of people there to help you.

Trust me it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Gravity is very fast and with heavy weight on your back if you miss the rep or lose control of the weight things can go wrong fast.

Remember with lifting heavy weights it’s always safety first.


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Here Are 3 Benefits To Having a 3 Point Spot.

1. Safety – This is a must when training heavy.  Yes there is a correct way to “dump” or “ditch” a squat but this is not what you want to be thinking bout when you are lifting a heavy weight.  You want to focus on making the lift.  So safety first.

2. Confidence – The last thing you want to do when things get heavy is to conserve. Maybe you don’t go as fast as you should.  Maybe you cut your depth short out of fear of not coming back up. All these things play a role when you don’t have a solid spot.  Confidence plays a huge role in lifting heavy weights.

3. Build Your Training Team – It’s one thing to ask for a spot, but it’s another thing to have a team of people you train with who know how to spot and spot you correctly.  Maybe you bounce out of the hole fast and someone who has never spotted you before grabs the bar or the plates fast and you lose your lift.  I train a bunch of women and 5 of them train together.  I call them the pit crew because they are so effective at spotting and loading and helping each other.  When possible make your spotters become your training partners.  There is a big difference.