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Tip: Do More Training & Lifting Barefoot

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Tip: Do More Training & Lifting Barefoot

If you follow any of my advice I recommend the proper footwear for lifting.

Squat shoes for squatting.

Deadlift shoes with flat soles for deadlifts.

Running shoes are meant for running, not lifting.

Well something I have been doing a lot in my own training and also putting it on to my clients and athletes is barefoot training.

I started following a site called The Foot Collective on Instagram and I have learned so much.

From my own perspective I have been dealing with a hip injury for almost two years and I am looking at a hip replacement.

Something I have found is how the feet and toes play a huge role for problems upstream. For example if you have bad knees or hips look above or below the problem.

The problem always isn’t the problem. It’s a symptom of a problem.

So I started doing more coaching, training, squatting and lifting barefoot and in my socks.

At first it was a big adjustment but recently I find less hip pain, less back pain and overall I feel much better.

As well I have had many clients start doing more barefoot training and the feedback is great.

Do more warm ups and training in your bare feet and keep me posted on your results.

Coach Rob

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*Image from Karen Smith Girls Gone Strong‚Äč.