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Tip: Train Your Hamstrings Before You Squat

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Tip: Train Your Hamstrings Before You Squat


If you want to make the most of your squat workouts try doing some hamstring training before you get under the bar.

Doing some hamstring training before you squat can be beneficial for many reasons.

Here are 3 reasons to train your hamstrings before you squat.

  • It warms up your hamstrings nicely which allows you for better stronger squats. Having a better squat is always a priority.


  • Training your hamstrings first while fresh allows you to hit heavier loads for your hamstrings. Since these are fast-twitch muscle fibers, you want your training to be lower rep, heavy weight and explosive.


  • Using your hamstrings first helps your knees and hips get ready for a good hard leg workout. Far to often a good warm up is neglected before we lift heavy weights.  By getting your body primed and ready for a good workout you increase your strength, improve your mobility and also decrease your chance of injury.

Add some hamstring work before you squat and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob

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