Date: October 13, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

“Prime”Your Glutes Before You Lift

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If you want to maximize your strength, improve sports performance, reduce chance of back injuries and build a booty it’s important to make glute training a priority.

However there is something you can do to improve your results in strength and also building your glutes.

That is “Priming” them.

Priming really means nothing more than training your glutes before you lift or perform your sport.By getting your glutes (and hips) warmed up and engaged you will perform better and lift heavier.

Check out this workout I used in one of my classes where the focus was on Glute Activation (Priming) before we did deadlifts.

Warm Up: 

With every set of deadflifts during your warm ups you do the following. 
-25 Hip Thrusters or 25 Frog Pumps
-10 Second “Hard Plank”

“Priming” the glutes is a great thing to do before deadlifts, squat or bench (or any lift).
Getting the glutes activated and ready to work is always a good thing.

Remember the glutes are the power house muscle.  The stronger they are the better.

Hard Plank

This exercise is great to teach full body tension.  If you want to be strong you have to learn how to create tension.

I wrote an article on my site about tension If you haven’t read it check it out HERE.

The Workout

A1. Box Jumps x 5
These do not need to be crazy high.  The goal is to get the nervous sytem firing and create some speed and explosive power.
If you want to get strong you need to get fast and explosive as well.
Plus jumping is a lot of fun. 
We are meant to jump.

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A2. Deadlifts 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Every set of deadlifts you want to add some weight.
If you are using percentages it would look something like this.
5 at 70%
4 at 75%
3 at 80%
2 at 85%
1 at 90%

These are approximates.  I very much believe in reading my athletes and listening to your body.  Some days you push harder, some days you back off.

A3. Pick A Press Variation x 8-12
If you want a stronger bench you need to press often.  I have my athletes do pressing variations 3-5 times a week.  A lot of bench press, sometimes overhead dumbbell press, floor press, dumbbell bench press. 

A4. Pick Something Fun
Add in an exercise you enjoy or want to work on. 
More glutes maybe.
Side laterals for shoulders
Maybe some more core work.
Add in what you need or want.
That’s it :).

Lets talk a little more about glutes.
It doesn’t matter if your goal is sports performance, powerlifting, Crossfit, bikini, fitness, physique, skating, volleyball…

Whatever your sport is you can not go wrong with having strong explosive powerful hips and glutes.
Plus lets face it, having a muscular booty looks amazing as well :).
Make glute and hip training a priority in your workouts.

Remember if it’s important do it every day.

Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Coach Rob

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