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How To Set Up For A Strong Squat (Video)

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How To Set Up For A Strong Squat (Video)

A strong squat starts with a strong set up.  Learn to “Get Tight” right off the rack with your squat soon as you touch the bar and start setting up.

Too often I see women squatting and they just walk under the rack put the bar on their back and go.

You can get away with this when weight is light, but once you get stronger and lift heavy weights then you can’t get away with this anymore.

Take your time, learn a good set.

A strong set up equals a strong squat.

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A strong squat starts with the set up, but it also starts from the feet up.  What you wear on your feet matters.  The stronger you get the more you will need a set of Squat Shoes and maybe even knee sleeves.  Once you have the proper training equipment your training will improve much faster.  As well your feet will be more stable in a squat shoe compared to a running shoe.  Squats are not meant to be done in Running shoes….. because….well they are running shoes and squatting is not running :).

Get more info on Squatting Shoes HERE.  I love the Adidas ones.

Start to focus on your set up.  Dial it in, perfect it practice it.  The better the set up the better the lift.  Soon as you touch the bar the lift in my mind has started.

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