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Check Out Our Articles In STRONG Fitness Magazine

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I coach a lot of strong amazing females at my gym HeavyWeights Training Center and it’s my passion to help them get stronger and reach their training and fitness goals.

In the last year I have coached women who have never lifted weights before all the way up to coaching 100 + women in competitive Power Lifting, Weight Lifting, Bikini and Fitness. I have coached a National Power Lifting Champion and a Bikini Fitness pro and more.

I have taught some of my female students who have have never coached before how to become coaches and train others,  and for them to teach strength and fitness to other women, which have impacted thousands of women overall.

It’s been an incredible journey to say the least.

I love coaching fit and strong females and when it comes to fitness and strength for women one of the best magazines right now is STRONG Fitness Magazine.

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting their editor Kirstyn Brown at a UFE Halloween Mayhem Show where our HeavyWeights Girls kicked butt and looked amazing showing how strength and beauty go hand in hand.



I had the honor of writing my first article IN STRONG Fitness Magazine on “Feats Of Strength” where I discuss the importance of knowing your 1RM (1 Rep Max) and how to safely work your way to test this in your training.

I love what STRONG Fitness Magazine is doing and I am truly grateful to be a contributing writer.

Check out their Facebook Page, and you can also buy the Training Guide with my article by clicking HERE and you can subscribe to STRONG Fitness Magazine by clicking HERE.


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Thanks to  Jessica Rinaldi Donathan for demonstrating the big lifts in this article.