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3 Tips For Strong & Shapely Shoulders

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3 Tips For Strong & Shapely Shoulders


#1. Base Your Training Around Over Head Pressing Variations.

Barbell Push Press, Barbell Military Press, Arnold Press & more. Change it up, variety is good for hitting the muscles and keeping the shoulders healthy.

Keep the reps pretty heavy on this and keep the reps between 5-12.


3 Simple Tips For A Stronger Push Press In my Strength Camp class tonight we had a simple push/pull combination of Barbell Push Press & TRX Rows. I love the barbell push press. I think it’s one of the best overall full body exercises you can do. It works almost every muscle and it gets the heart rate up which is great for conditioning and fat loss. 3 Simple Tips For A Stronger Push Press: 1. Set Up. You need a good strong start position for this. Make sure your hands are even, the bar placed on the upper chest and resting there (if possible). Legs locked, glutes tight and core tight. A strong starting postion is import for any lift. 2. Dip & Fire. When you do a Barbell Push press the movement of the legs is a “dip” not a squat. A squat followed by a barbell press is known as a thruster. This is something different. A quick dip of the legs initiates the movment. From here you want to fire the bar over head fast. Once the bar clears your face/head you want to slightly punch the head through and then lock the elbows is a strong finish position. At the top find a “Sweet Spot” where the bar will rest over head in a strong stable position. This is very important. 3. Bring the bar back the starting rest position on your chest again and repeat the same process. If your goal is to build muscle you can lower slower working the “Negative” or the “Eccentric” harder. This will help build muscle and strength. But if your goal is speed and power I have my athletes lower the bar fast to avoid fatigue and maintain bar speed in the press. Both are good it just depends on the goal of doing a push press. Give it a try and put these 3 simple tips into your push press training and let me know how you find it Cheers. Coach Rob

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#2 Hit All Three Heads Of The Shoulder

The shoulders have 3 main muscles which are front, side & rear. Be sure to hit them with a variety of exercises such as front raises, side laterals & bent over laterals.

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#3 Don’t Train Them Too Heavy

Keep your base of pressing heavy but for the accessory work don’t worry about going to heavy. Make hitting the muscle your focus. 

This is one of the few times you will hear me say that light weights are good :).


Give these 3 shoulder training tips a try and let me know how you find them.


Stay Strong

Coach Rob