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3 Tips For A Stronger Sumo Deadlift

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I love sumo deadlifts and if you are like me and you love sumo deadlifts I have 3 tips to help improve your sumo that will make you stonger and help pack lean muscle on your glutes and legs.

What differentiates the sumo deadlift from the conventional deadlift is that the feet are wider and toes point out more on sumo deadlift and its a lot less lower back. To read more about the differences of sump and conventional check THIS blog post.


Sumo Tip #1. Set Up

The set up is the most important part of any lift and it’s even more important with a sumo deadlift because the sumo deadlift is a more technical lift than conventional.

I have seen people with terrible form muscle through a conventional deadlift but you won’t see this with often with a sumo deadlift.

With a good sumo deadlift it all starts with the set up and dialing in your set up.

A good set up makes a good lift.

When I deadlift, I will deadlift 135 lbs with the exact same set up as pulling a PR.

Every lift is a chance to improve my technique and this all starts with the set up.


Sumo Tip #2. Get Tight

Like any deadlift it’s all about creating tension and learning how to use every single muscle in your body to get tight and fire at once. If everything isn’t tight then you are leaking power and strength.

The more you learn to create full body tension the stronger you will be and the less chance of injury you will have.

When it comes to tension you want your body to turn to stone so that everything is tight.

You are only as strong as your weakest link so learning to create tension and not leak power/strength is key for developing a strong sumo deadlift.


Sumo Tip #3. Spread The Floor.

When doing a sumo deadlift it’s all about using your hips and your glutes not your lower back. Learn to “Spread the floor”. Doing this you will fire your glutes and get your hips ready to lift.

A conventional deadlift is a lot more back, lower back and hamstrings, where a sumo deadlift is very little lower back and all hips and gliutes and this starts with learning to spread the floor.

When starting your set up (See Tip #1) you want to start spreading the floor as you set up. A good set up makes a good lift and spreading the floor is a key factor in using your glutes and hips.

Watch this video where I explain in more detail what “Spreading The Floor” means.


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