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3 Reasons You Should Try Planks With Chains

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One of my favorite core exercises are weighted planks.

You can plank with a plate on your back like most weighted planks are done, but one of my favorite weighted plank versions is a plank using a chain.

This is a fairly advanced plank variation. If you are new to planks don’t start with this one :).

The weight on your back will force your core to stay tight. There is no way to make this easy, you have to work hard.


A few pointers on weighted planks:

– Keep your core tight

– Avoid letting your lower back/hips sag

– Open your feet up for a solid base

– Don’t go to failure, always keep good form and end the set before failure


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I love weighted planks and even more so planks with chains.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why I Like Planks With Chains:

  1. You have no choice but to work hard.  You can’t just do an easy plank and hang out for a long time.  You have to work hard.

2. It will teach you how to create “Tension”.  Learning to brace and create tension is important for all strength exercises and a lot of sports.  The more you can create tension in your core the stronger and safer your will lifting and training

3. A big reason why I like chains is that the chain will make contact with your lower back and side “core”.  This tactile feel of the chains will allow you to really feel where you need to expand and press against the chains. A good plank works ALL your core (front, side and your lower back). 

This is a great exercise that does the body good. 

It also looks very cool :).

Happy Planking!

Coach Rob


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