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3 Benefits Of Squatting With Chains

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Squatting with chains looks very cool and it also has many benefits to help your squat.

When I coach my female athletes I have them do a lot of basic barbell squats, but I also add in a lot of other squat variations and one of my favorites is squatting with chains.

Along with looking totally BADA$$ squatting with chains has numerous benefits to improve strength and performance.


Here Are 3 Benefits To Squatting With Chains:


Squatting With Chains Improves Bar Speed – When you use the chains on squats a few things happen.  The chains as you lower to the ground coil up on the ground, this makes the squat a bit lighter at the bottom.  As you come up out of the bottom of the squat it won’t be as heavy, and as you get to the top of the squat it gets heavier.  This allows you to create more speed out of the bottom of the squat


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Squatting With Chains Improves Core/Trunk Stability – When you squat with chains the chains will sway and rock.  You have to balance and stabilize your core (I consider “core” everything from the neck down to your hips).  Along with squatting you have to balance and stabilize which turns this squat variation into a core workout as well.


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Squatting With Chains Is FUN – Yes it’s fun, and fun is a great reason to do any exercise.  If you are getting bored with standard barbell squats add in some variety into your squatting.  Add in some bands, chains, squat to a box, add in some variety to keep things fun.  Squatting with chains is very beneficial but it’s also FUN and this is very important in training.

It’s always important to try different variations in training.  While sticking to basics works you want to add in some variety with your training to improve in certain areas and to keep things fun.


Give squats with chains a try and let me know how you find them.

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