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Why Do Some Women Arch Their Back When They Bench Press?

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“Why do they arch their back when they bench press?”

The other day I shared a video of a female powerlifter who had a big arch when she was bench pressing;

In doing this I always see the following comment.

-“She is going to hurt her back”

– “That is cheating”

– “That looks like an injury waiting to happen”

You get the point.

When it comes to Arching when you bench press it’s not as terrible as it looks IF you have the mobility, flexibility and body type to do it.

The main reason to arch is to reduce the range of motion of the lift.  If you can shorten the range of motion this can be a good thing.  This is great for powerlifting or if your goal is to lift as much weight as possible.  Period.

The goal of this type of bench press is not to work your chest, the goal is to reduce the reduce the range of motion and lift as much weight as possible.

Please understand this is why people do it.

Is it comfortable?  No.  But deadliftiting heavy is not comfortable either.  When it comes to the  bench arch it just looks painful.  For a lot of people it’s not so bad.  For people who don;t have the mobility and flexibility I wouldn’t recommend this type of bench.

I hope this explains why women would arching when benching,

Any questions or comments leave them below.


Coach Rob

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