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Train Movements First, Not Muscles

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Most women train too much like Body Builders.

How many women do “Chest” or “Chest and biceps” Or “Back” and “Triceps”.

While this is ok occasionally more women need to train like strength athletes and less like body builders.

You need to spend less time working on muscles and more time working on movements.

Body part splits came from body builders many years ago most women do not need to train like bodybuilders.

You need to train with two goals in mind.

1. Strength
2. Athleticism

Focus on these two attributes before you focus on isolating muscle groups.

Get stronger and improve athleticism and your muscles will do the work.

Watch this video where I go into more detail about how I coach my female athletes to get amazing results.

Michelle & Kerri with some nice jumps today.

A video posted by Women Who Lift Weights (@womenwholiftweights) on

Kayla with a box Squat PR of 225 lbsx 3! Great job Kayla!

A video posted by Women Who Lift Weights (@womenwholiftweights) on


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After coaching literally thousands of women over the years my goal when I coach women is this and this only. Strength & Athleticism.

If you are strong and you are athletic you need very little direct muscle work. I can guarantee you if I have a female athlete that can do 5+ pull ups and deadlift 225 lbs her arms are going to get enough work without doing a lot of bicep work.

Focus on the basic strength movements, combined with athletic training like jumping, sleds, sprinting variations and body weight exercises.


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Minimize training like a body builder.

Start training like an athlete and always when possible try to get stronger with the basic lifts.

Train movements not muscles.

Train for strength and stop doing so many reps.

Stop chasing the burn, start chasing results.

In the end always think about improving strength and athleticism, building muscles will take care of themselves once you get stronger at the basic compound movements.

Coach Rob

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