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Strength Tip: Try Heavy Bench Press Top Holds

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Heavy Bench Press Holds

Rebecca with a 225 Bench Press Top Hold.

A great way to get stronger and improve your mental confidence in bench press is to do heavy bench press holds.

With a bench press hold you would go anywhere from 5-25% more than your current 1 rep max. All you do is hold the weight as if you were starting a bench press. From there you just hold the weight for 5-10 seconds. No bench press and no lowering.

Heavy Bench Press holds are a great way to jack up your CNS (Central Nervous System).

Once a weight feels comfortable in your hands you have a much higher chance of getting the lift.

In one of my workouts with Rebecca we did a 225 lb hand off hold and then we did the overload bench pressing using a Titan Super Ram to really jack up the weight she can lift in bench press.

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NOTE: Always have a spotter and if possible a 3 Point Spot when doing this exercise.  There is always a possibility that something can go wrong so train hard but train safe.

If you are looking for a great over load tool for your bench press check out The Sling Shot.

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