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Online Coaching

If you are looking get stronger, build muscle, lose fat and learn more about strength and lifting weights then you have found the perfect coaches to help you.

Online Personalized Strength Coaching With Rob & Danielle

No Matter Where You Live We Can Help YOU Reach Your Fitness Goals Guaranteed!

Hey Coach Rob here.

I am very excited to take my passion and knowledge for health, fitness and strength online to help people who can’t train with us at Heavy Weights.

If you are looking get stronger, build muscle, lose fat and learn more about strength and lifting weights then you have found the perfect coaches to help you.

We will soon be opening up 10 spaces for online coaching with us and if you want results then we are here to help you.

Simply fill out the application below to continue to our online coaching application page.

I promise that working with us will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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Who Am I And How Can We Help You?

Coach Rob King

My name is Rob King. I own a gym called “Heavyweights Training Center” and I am a strength coach and body transformation expert.

I am also the creator of “Women Who Lift Weights” where I have helped tens of thousands of women learn more about the benefits of strength and lifting weights.

I have coached numerous women of all fitness levels from beginner lifters all the way to World Medalist Power Lifters and Bikini & Fitness Professionals.

Rob King owner and creator of Heavyweights Training Center. I have been in the fitness profession now for almost 20 years. I am the creator of Rippedin42, Builtin42, the 14-Day Fat Loss Challenge, and Transformin42. These programs are the backbone of our gym, Heavyweights Training Center.


My education in fitness is varied. I have intensely examined everything from fat loss to strength training, lower back injuries and recovery to sports supplements, to sports nutrition and much more.

In recent years, I have written for T-Nation, Strong Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Inside Fitness, Muscle Insider, The PTDC, Elitefts, MMA Sports and Arnold & many more.

    • Training For Warriors Level 1 Coach with Martin Rooney
    • Training For Warriors Level 2 Coach with Martin Rooney
    • CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) with James Smith & Joe DeFranco
    • Bio-Signature Level 1 with Charles Poliquin
    • Certified Turbulence Training Coach Level 1 with Craig Ballantyne
    • WTF Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

Competed in PowerLifting:

  • I have competed as part of Team Canada PowerLifting 5 Times
  • 2 Times IPF Worlds Medalist (Squat & Deadlift)
  • Overall CommonWealth Champion & CommonWealth deadlift record holder
  • 3 Time National Champion (Open, Equipped & Bench Equipped)

Competed in Natural Body Building Shows

I have coached female athletes to go onto win Pro Bikini Cards, win Powerlifting Championships and break Powerlifting Deadlift Records.

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