Date: October 6, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: On Sumo Deadlifts Have Patience Off The Floor

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When it comes to deadlifts something that you need is patience, especially with a Sumo Deadlift.

With the sumo deadlift it’s all about having patience at the start of the lift.

Most times breaking the bar off the floor in sumo is the most difficult part of the lift.

It’s important to have “patience off the floor” with a sumo deadlift.

If the bar doesn’t come off the floor immediately stay with the pull and don’t break form. This is key in a sumo deadlift.

If you are pulling and the bar doesnt move and your hips rise, or you back rounds and you lose position even if you get the bar moving off the floor it will be much harder to lock.

Remember these 3 steps when it comes to sumo deadlifts.

1. Be Patient Off The Floor.
2. Hold Your Position (chest up, knees out, spread the floor, stay tight)
3. Keep Pulling & Stay Tight


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I have seen many sumo deadlifts missed because women give up on it too soon.

Unlike a conventional which usually comes off the floor, a sumo deadlift is all about position and patience.

The next time you sumo and it doesn’t move off the floor remember these cues and tips and I am sure it will help you get the lift.

Coach Rob

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