Date: October 14, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Learn To Say “No Thanks”

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“I fell off the wagon”
“I had company over”
“I didn’t pack my lunch”
“I didn’t have time to prep my food”
“I was starving”

I hear these things from people all the time when they “Cheat On Their Diet”.


I hate the thoughts of associating guilt with food and the word “diet” with nutrition.

I have coached a lot of women over the last 20+ years.

Fat loss is by far the biggest struggle for a very large portion of people.


I have coached our 21 Day Kick Start Program, Ripped in 42, and now HW 90.

Today I had a few of our female clients who are struggling with fat loss say the above things about why they deviated from their meal plan.

I get it.
It is never easy.
But here is the thing.
You didn’t “fall of the wagon”.
What wagon?
Where is this wagon?
Show me a wagon.
“I had company over”
Did this company tie you down, disable your arms and legs and force feed you that yummy food?
“I didn’t pack my lunch”
Did someone pack it for you?
When you stopped into the store to grab lunch and grab a chocolate bar or chips become a better choice for nutrition and your goals?
“I didn’t have time to prep my food”
Did you watch Netflix?
How about being on Facebook or Instagram?
Here is the thing you didn’t fall off, mess up, cheat on your diet or all those things.
Here is what you did.
You made a CHOICE.
A conscious willing choice to eat whatever it is you ate.
And that’s ok.
After all you are an adult.
Instead of pointing fingers, cheating, making excuses just do the following.
Say it was your choice.
It doesn’t make you a bad person.
Accept it.
Deal with it.
Move forward.
It’s important to learn the following words.
It’s a game changer for fat loss, fitness, your health, your time and YOUR LIFE.
Learn to say “No Thanks”.
“Hey would you like a donut with your coffee?”
No thanks.
“Would you like to go out drinking with us tonight?”
No thanks.


“Would you like fries with that?”

No thanks.

“Hey would you like more…”
No thanks.

Learning to say “no thanks” is one of the simplest and most empowering things you can do.

At first it may be somewhat difficult, but like building strength in the gym your “mental strength” will improve with practice.

Remember you don’t need to explain WHY you are saying no thanks.

Most people want to say things like “it’s because I am on a diet” or “I am following a program, I am not allowed”.

As soon as you say that you are not allowed more than likely you will want to even more.Simple learn to say “No Thanks” and it will help you make better decisions and improve your habits.

We are our habits.

We become our decisions.

Chose wisely and remember to say “No Thanks” to things that are not making you healthier and happier.

Coach Rob

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