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We’re looking for women who “get it”.

Women who love strength, lifting weights, sharing information to help empower and educate other women to become stronger.

Our site reaches over 100,000 unique views each month and our WWLW Facebook Page just passed 50,000 likes and growing fast.

We are looking for quality information to help women become stronger and learn more about lifting weights.

What do you get for contributing? Your name on the site. Your pic. Your bio. And even a direct link. Plus all the prestige to have contributed to Women Who Lift Weights.


Potential topics you can write about:

  • Lifting Weights
  • Power Lifting
  • Athletic Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Exercises
  • Motivation
  • Transformations

The quality of the posts:

  • MUST be useful to our female readers. We want everyone to come away with at least one good takeaway per content piece.
  • Must be educational and informative.
  • Must be fun (aka, NOT boring!).

The process for submitting guest posts:

  1. Send idea or concept to (Subject Article:). This can be for both writing and video content. Please include past samples with it too.
  2. One of our editors will review and decide if you can proceed with the post.
  3. Please send us all your social links so we can tag you on our social profiles when your article is posted.
  4. If approved, when writing or preparing a post, please note these:
    • Your article should be ORIGINAL and not published anywhere else.
    • We are not the grammar police but we do expect it to be error free.
    • Word count is 500 to 1,000 words. Video content is minimum 30 seconds and no more than 5 minutes.
    • If you need to cite a source, include it as a footnote or hyperlink it within the text.
    • Include a relevant stock photo or original high quality photo for the post cover as a separate file with dimensions 1200 x 500 pixels. No text on the cover image.
    • Include relevant images or videos in the document and have it as separate files.
    • Include in the document the keywords you are targeting.
    • Profanities? Tolerated it if it’s relevant and needed.
    • Conversational and easy to read writing style is preferred.
    • Please. Please. Please. Don’t be boring, use your personality.
    • If you have a program you are selling please include it with the link for soft sell.  We don’t mind promoting quality programs but only through one link/post.  Soft selling.  No hard selling.  Education first.
  5.  The editor will review and let you know if it’s approved.
  6.  The editor has the right to change or amend your content.
  7.  If approved, the post will be scheduled and editor will inform you of the date it will go live.
  8.  If your post generated 1,000+ social shares, get a free WWLW T-Shirt & Spotlight on our site.🙂

That’s it! Looking forward to your kick-ass posts!

Coach Rob