Date: January 6, 2017 | Author: Coach Rob

5 Reasons Why I Love Coaching Women

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It’s been an incredible year for me coaching wise and I am very grateful for the amazing women that I have coached.

Over the last year I have coached an incredible variety of women.

Some have never lifted a weight in their life, some were National & Worlds level Power Lifters. Some were 12 years old, some were 70 years old.

Coaching this many women you get a lot of experience and understanding that coaching women is VERY different from coaching men.

I can honestly say without question I love coaching women.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Love Coaching Women

1. Women Love To Learn & Are Great Students

Without question I get asked more questions about all things strength and fitness from women. They love to learn, they love to ask why and understand the reason behind things.


2. Women Love To Improve

Women love to improve. Once they understand progression and strength they become addicted to it. To improving, to getting stronger, to improving technique.


3. Women Have Very Little Ego With Lifting

A big issue when I coach guys is they love to just ego lift. It’s not always about perfect form or technique. Not all men mind, you but most. Women have no ego for the most part. They love to learn, and understand the technique aspect of lifting instead of just getting a pump or lifting heavy with bad form.


4. Women Are Grateful

It amazes me how many women are grateful once they learn how to lift. They are very empowered by this but for the most part they are always grateful as well.

I see every day when I post info on my pages that women are grateful to learn and be coached.


5. Women Are STRONG

One of the biggest things I love about coaching women is getting them stronger. There is something amazing seeing a women get stronger when she didn’t think she could. The mindset goes from “I can’t do that’ to “I can do that”. That is a big shift. As they improve and get stronger confidence in the gym and in life goes up dramatically.

Women love becoming strong and feeling empowered.

It’s been an amazing year coaching so I just wanted to say thank you to all the strong women I have coached this year.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you and thanks for reading this site.

Coach Rob