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Tire Training – Try These 3 Tire Exercises

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One of the most important thing about fitness is having fun.

I love barbells, kettlebells dumbells, but I also love using a variety of things when it comes to coaching my female athletes.

One of my favorite tools are tires.

Tires are not made for fitness or working out, but neither were Kettlebells (they were designed for holding down Russian tents), so to me everything can be a tool for fitness and fun.

I have coached a lot of women with a variety of exercises and I can honestly say that Tire Training is by far one of the funnest things for my female athletes.

Here are a few exercises that I have used at my gym with my athletes.


  1. Reactive Tire Partner Push Press



Reactive Tire Press This is a fun exercise that works the chest, shoulders, triceps, core & more.

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2. Tire & Sledgehammer


Tires & Sledgehammer can be a lot of fun in training :).

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3. Tire Flips


Rebecca killin tire flips! Lunchtime Friday Fun Day BootCamp. Tire Flips Trap Bar Box Jumps

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Tire Flips & Tire & Sledge Hammer canbe a lot of FUN in training!

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When it comes to fitness and strength never neglect having FUN in your training.

As well along with being fun there is something cathardic about hitting a tire with a sledge hammer that feels so good :).

Give these tire exercises a try and let me know how you find them.

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Coach Rob