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Try This Val Slide + Resistance Band Hamstring Curl Variation

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This exercise was shown to me by my friend and fellow Heavy Weights Coach Tyler Kearny.

At my gym Heavy Weights Training Center we don’t have any machines.  Nothing but the basics like barbells, power racks, kettlbells, dumbells and the basics.  No machines.

Sometimes we have to get creative with our training.

Check out this Val Slide + Resistance Band Hamstring Curl variation.



Try this Val Slide Hamstring Curl Variation. This hits the hamstrings big time! #WomenWhoLiftWeights, #valslides @valslide

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The contraction you get from this exercise is intense.

Give it a try and let me know how you find it.

If you are looking to order Val Slides you can get them here.

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Coach Rob