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How To Flip A Tire

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How To Flip A Tire


(How To Flip A Tire article first appeared in Strong Fitness Magazine)


WARNING : One of the most fun and challenging things you can do in your training are tire flips. However they are also one of the most dangerous. Here is how you can flip a tire perfectly.


Step 1. Get Tight & Brace

Treat flipping a tire like you would a deadlift. Get everything tight. Stand close to the tire and get your hands outside your knees for your start position.

Once you get tight and get into position you want to make sure you take a breath and lock in your core. Learning to brace properly will keep your lower back strong and safe.



Step 2 Get Your Handles

Treating the tire like a deadlift it’s important to get a good grip. Find a grip on the tire and grab tight. A strong grip equals a strong everything. Tire’s can be challenging because of the awkward grip, so get a solid grip before you start to lift the tire.



Step 3 Start The Tire Flip

It’s time to get that tire moving. Start the tire like you are doing a deadlift, once you get the tire to about knee height “pop” the tire using your hips and chest and upper back. If possible drive one knee under, this will allow you to rest the tire on your knee giving you leverage and help improve your grip.   Once the tire clears your waist, raise one knee to help you boost it upright on its treads.


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Step 4. Standing Bench Press

Once you got the tire on it’s treads think of doing a standing bench press and fire the tire back down to it’s flat position. 





Step 5. Get Tight & Repeat

Start all over again from step one. Remember one of the worst things with a tire flip is fatigue so you have to pay close attention and stay mentally focused for every second you are flipping the tire.