Date: October 3, 2018 | Author: Coach Rob

Tip: Try This Tricep Tri-Set

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Looking to hit the triceps?

Give this Tricep “Tri-Set” a try.

With a “Tri-Set” you are going to do three exercises in a row with no rest.

Try using a 1-1-X-1 Tempo
1 = Eccentric Lower For 1 Second
1 = Pause in Stretch Position For One Second
X = Concentric Lift As Fast As Possible
1 =  Top Squeeze Muscle For One Second.

You will do three exercises doing 8 reps of each in a row with no rest.

A1. French Press X 8
A2. Skull Crusher x 8
A3. Tate Press x 8

Doing these 3 exercises in a row will hit all three heads of the Triceps.

Watch this video to see how each exercise is performed.


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