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Tip: Train More Like A Power Lifter & Athlete, Less Like Body Builder (Video)

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Maximize your results by focusing on getting stronger and faster, not isolating muscle groups and doing high reps.

If you are still doing body part split workouts give this a try as it may help your training and results.

When I train my female athletes they all focus on strength and athleticism combined.

My #1 goal is to always get them stronger and to make them more athletic.

They Train Like Power Lifters Athletes, Not Body Builders.

Body part training does have it’s place and I am not saying it doesn’t work, but most women have a tendencey to train muscles first and not movements.

I can assure you that when you squat, deadlift, bench press, do pull ups, jump and sprint your muscles will get plenty of work.

Most of the women I coach I challenge to compete in Power Lifting and also bikini, fitness, and more.

Even if they don’t compete I train them the same way.

They sprint, they jump, they lift weights, they carry heavy things, they do body weight exercise and more.

Hardly ever will you see my female athletes doing biceps and triceps.  They train movements over muscles and we are always trying to do the following.  They don’t isolate muscle groups much.  But I can assure you their muscles get worked from compound movements, body weight exercises like pull ups and jumping, heavy carries and more.

Make it a priority to get your whole body stronger from head to toe as one unit, not as individual muscle groups.  Your arms will get plenty of work from deadlifts, pull ups, weighted carries and bench presses.

Get Stronger, Get Faster, Move Better.


Watch this video and I hope it helps you.

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